Miranda vs Lana Violet

HD DOWNLOADABLE Bikini Catfight Match

DT-1560HD/ Time: 26 Minutes / 618 MB

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Miranda is a sexy little asian wrestler with long, jet black hair. Today she is in a yellow bikini with leather fingerless gloves and black sunglasses. She is smiling and posing for the camera as she laughs about how easy today’s match is going to be for her. Miranda explains that she has “never even heard of Lana Violet. So she must not be very good.” Lana enters the ring at the sound of her name. Lana is a caramel skinned Asian with a bad attitude. She looks Miranda up and down with a grimace of pure disgust. She easily manhandles Miranda, bending her thin frame like a toy doll in the hands of an angry child. Lana puts Miranda on her knees and then pulls her backwards so her feet almost touch her head. Then Lana mauls Miranda’s soft white abdomen. Lana pulls Miranda into a forced bridge. Miranda moans for pity, but this only makes Lana pull her arms back farther as she kicks her feet harder into Miranda’s lower back. Lana is truly a cruel and wicked human. She drapes Miranda upside down from the turnbuckle and then steps on the pretty girl’s petite neck. Miranda’s mouth gapes open as she contorts her face toward the camera. If you want to see a one sided domination match featuring two smoking hot Asians, then this is the video for you.