Christina Carter vs. Karen Fisher

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Holds Competition Match

DT-1542HD/ Time: 19 Minutes / 473 MB


You like big babes – we got big beautiful babes and they are putting on quite a show. Christina Carter and Karen Fisher are having a holds competition to see who is the biggest creampuff, they each take turns putting on a hold and seeing which girl will be able to take more.  Oh, and these are some vicious holds, no quick moves here just down and dirty strength and durability – who can take the most punishment.  They start with a suffocating choke hold, then to face slugs, backbreaker with choke and crotch grabs, mouth and nose clamp, crotch maul, rope choke, and this is only half way through – so many more and each to a devastating conclusion.  Eventually the ladies get nude and stay just as savage, only tiring a bit as they both still don’t want to be the biggest creampuff. Watching these buxom bountiful beauties bounce about the ring is a true body shaking experience.  That reverse bear hug where they squeeze just below their busty chests is so much fun and that dog walk where we are treated to a swaying bountiful butt.  Only at DT can you find such a unique match, two babes seeing who can take and who can give the most punishment, so if you like full figured ladies this is the one for you — big beautiful babes putting on quite a show !!!!!!