Christina Carter vs. Erika Jordan.

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Everything Ring Match

DT-1554HD/ Time: 27 Minutes / 667 MB


EVERYTHING, yes everything in one fabulous match and if that isn’t enough it features two of our hottest fighters: Christina Carter and Erika Jordan.  To make it even more tantalizing they are wearing sling bikinis that are open in the front showing off their splendid chests.  Are you ready, they are and boxing is first on the menu.  Their long hair flies with each savage blow, one goes down but is up and corners her foe, pounding her breasts, gut, then head – she clinches to save herself but more blows have her down for the count.  Next we are treated to a strength contest as both babes go to the canvas for some arm wrestling – they strain to see who is the strongest until we finally have a victor. Then to the corner again as they get refreshed with a drink, then a wet sponge that drips over their now erect breasts. Next we are treated to a breast battle as they smash, gouge and batter their sweet tits till one can take no more and back to their corners where that cool water brings relief to their sore orbs.  Their next contest is wrestling and each of these beauties has become quite the grappler so we are treated to some great holds: test of strength, scissors, chokes, pins, and so many more.  The final contest is a wild catfight so get ready for anything as everything is allowed.  They let it all go, fists, hair pulls, crotch grabs… what ever it takes, they are ready to dish it out, but are you ready – yes are you ready for –  EVERYTHING !!!!!!