Erika Jordan vs. Capri Cavanni

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Boxing and Breast Battle

DT-1544HD/ Time: 26 Minutes / 670 MB


Get out of my way, your big breasts have us stuck, no your big ass is the problem — this is what we hear as Erika Jordan and Capri Cavanni try to bust through a doorway and get stuck together. They wiggle out of this door only to get stuck in the next one, now they are really angry.  Their fight was supposed to be tomorrow but they decide to get a head start in the prep room, once their gives are on they start to box.  They are topless so their big tits are great targets, then to the head which takes each of them down at times only to have their beautiful butts boxed as they crawl away.  Each babe gets driven to the wall where gut blows are delivered.  More savage hits drop one to the couch but she is up again, then the other goes down but up again, these babes are so sexy when they box but a few hits to the breasts and they decide to make this an entire breast battle.  Off go the gloves and out thrust their gorgeous chests, from all angles they gouge, bump, slam, squeeze and compress their chest flesh.  Wild bear hugs both standing and on their knees have their erect nipples jabbing into soft flesh.  Breasts battered from all angles as we are favored with amazing views — so get ready because it’s boxing and breasts with two of the sexiest and all in one great match !!!!!!