Star 9 vs. Sarah Brooke

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Nylons Catfight Match

DT-1541HD/ Time: 24 Minutes / 585 MB

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Damn – we have some wild women and there is nothing better than seeing two wild women in a nylons catfight. Two of our wildest are fighting today: Star 9 and Sarah Brooke, we know with these two we are going to have fireworks and they do not disappoint.  From the start they talk about who will dominate this nylon fight and how they locked the door so no one can disturb their wild brawl.  Soon they dig their red nails into fists of hair and jerk their heads back as we get a great over head view of this savage hair pull – so beautiful, their red lips, red nails and red hair.  So wild the attack, it throws them to the couch where they roll across the couch still ripping hair with their sleek long legs intertwined.  Finally still yanking follicles they fall to the floor where they go from hair to breasts and always with those nylon clad legs intertwined — we so love this view as their skirts ride high on thighs and legs woven tight.  Next it’s breasts that get assaulted, shirts are torn asunder to get to their fleshy prizes.  Breasts attacked from the front, from the top, from the side and my favorite, breasts assailed from behind, yes one beauty sits behind her foe, reaches around and squeezes, then pinches and pulls to the groans of pain.  Our topless babes roll right into your heart, you will feel their nylon clad legs squeeze – so get ready because these are – WILD WOMEN!!!!!!!