Serene Siren vs. Misty Stone


DT-1540HD/ Time: 24 Minutes / 571 MB


Today we have a specialty pin match, the only way one girl can score a pin on the other is by lining her body up perfectly on the top of the other’s. Serene Siren is a tight bodied blonde with a big smile on her face. She thinks it’s going to be easy to pin her opponent and is hardly worried at all. The problem is, Misty Stone stands across the ring from Serene. Misty is a beautiful, foul mouthed African American fighter that prides herself on being as tough as nails. Serene takes the lead for a few moments, but Misty escapes her mount and breast smothers and face sits Serene until she is almost out. Misty positions her body on top of Serene’s and tries to line up all of her limbs perfectly. She nearly gets it, but the referee says it isn’t perfect. Misty yells in frustration at the ref and Serene uses this moment of weakness to roll and reverse the position. Serene picks her body up and body slams down hard on Misty over and over again. Misty is dazed by the impact and Serene tries to take advantage, but just before Serene is perfectly aligned, Misty bucks and messes everything up. Most of the match is like this, the girls beat each other up and then one almost has the pin but loses it before victory. Who do you think will finally win, the blonde princess or the Nubian queen? Watch this video and find out.