Goldie Blair vs. Christina Carter


DT-1532HD/ Time: 23 Minutes / 538 MB


Goldie Blair enters the dressing room at the DT studio talking on the phone to her new boy toy, Joe. Christina Carter is getting ready in front of the mirror. Her head swings around when she hears Goldie say, “Goodbye Joe, I love you.” Christina pops out of her seat and gets in Goldie’s face. “Is that my man you are talking to?” Goldie laughs and suggests they settle this matter in the ring. Christina agrees and both women remove their tops, revealing big swinging jugs. They get in the ring wearing nothing but skin tight bicycle shorts and boxing gloves. The bell rings and Goldie and Christina start slugging each other in the stomach and face. The women grunt and curse as they throw countless punches at each other. The bell rings and the girls go to their corners where we get to see them cooled down with ice cold water squirted on their breasts. The next round starts and Christina drops Goldie with a kidney shot. The ref is about to count her out when Goldie sends a low blow to Christina, stopping the count. The referee gives Goldie a warning, but can Christina win against cheap shots like that? If you want to find out, do yourself a favor and watch this hot boxing video