Kit Mercer vs. Karlie Montana


DT-1530HD/ Time: 21 Minutes / 486 MB


Karlie Montana is a veteran in the DT universe. She is wearing a red one piece that matches her fiery hair and shows off her big muscular ass and thighs. She has a carefree smirk on her face as she looks across the ring at her newest victim. Kit Mercer stands in the other corner wearing a plaid school girl uniform that her full breasts are fighting their way out of. Kit says she is ready, but she seems unsure of herself. The bell rings and Karlie rushes Kit like a wild animal. She mauls Kit’s flawless tits as Kit wails for help. She tries to cover up her sensitive, soft breast tissue, but Karlie karate chops through Kit’s thin forearms. Karlie reaches between Kit’s legs to scratch her crotch, but Kit sends Karlie to the mat with a well times chicken wing. Kit gets a couple hits in, but it isn’t long before Karlie has ripped off Kit’s top to let those big boobs breath. Kit seems unprepared for the level of brutality Karlie is bringing to this match. By the end of this video, both girl’s have their perky tits on full display, but only one of them will have her hands raised in victory. We all know it is going to be Karlie, but I promise that watching her do it is very fun.