Capri Cavanni vs. Christina Carter

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Catfight Match

DT-1535HD/ Time: 20 Minutes / 488 MB


Capri Cavanni is working as an undercover agent. The only problem is that someone has blown her cover and now Christina Carter is coming for her. Capri is packing her bags when Christina enters the room. Capri tries to run, but Christina grabs her by the pony tail and yanks her back into her strong arms. Christina applies a bear hug, which squishes their large breasts together. Capri yelps and whimpers as she slowly goes to sleep. Christina gives Capri an evil smile as she thinks about all the ways she is going to have fun with her. Christina starts to undress Capri. She peels Capri’s tight jeans off before removing her own clothes. Both women stand in their panties, bare breasted and ready for more. Christina puts Capri in a full nelson as she berates the beautiful and helpless girl. Capri collapses to the ring and Christina uses this chance to smash her giant breasts against Capri’s already red and throbbing chest. Christina then drags Capri to her feet and puts her out with a standing breast smother. The video ends with an interview with the girls where Capri complains that Christina is too rough and takes the job too seriously. Christina then makes fun of Capri, which leads to another fight only this ones real!