Kianna Dior vs. Christy Love and Milana Ricci

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Domination Match

DT-1516HD/ Time: 29 Minutes / 681 MB


How does that Kianna Dior stay so young and beautiful, well now we know: she is a vampire, sucking the energy out of young coeds.  Christy Love has found where she is and what she has been doing, she tells her friend Milanna Ricci that she is going to stop her.  Christy finds Kianna’s lair and is met by two her her henchmen but tough Christy easily dispenses of these bad boys with swift and savage blows.  Now she is ready for the evil one and soon comes upon a topless Kianna lounging on her couch. When Kianna rises Christy starts pounding on her gut, Kianna’s mammoth breasts sway from the blows but that is the only slight effect they have on our vamp.  Christy is mortified as a laughing Kianna applies a long and devastating real naked choke that leaves Christy stunned allowing our vampire to apply her spell.  Kianna orders her spellbound victim to strip and soon we have that beautiful sleek body naked but for her bikini bottoms.  Now Kianna finishes the energy drain as she sucks on this beautiful body, especially those erect nipples.  Eventually Milanna finds her friend and she too tries to beat down this evil one but again to no avail and soon Kianna is choking the life out of poor Milanna.  Another one under her spell who is also told to strip.  Now our vampire has two toys to play with and play she does, going from one sleek beauty to the other with chokes, face sits, head squeezes and having them work on each other.  How she loves licking and sucking the prone bodies of her exhausted victims, form one end to the other of each of these sleek young figures she works her sucking magic.  Now you know Kianna’s secret but even better — now you can truly enjoy her vamping ways !!!!!!