Sarah Brooke vs. Ashley Lane


DT-1509HD/ Time: 25 Minutes / 587 MB

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Sarah Brooke and Ashley Lane are having a nylon on nylon catfight. The women are wearing tight pencil skirts and white work blouses. They get right up in each other’s face and explain how they are are going to intertwine their legs. The fight begins with dual hair pulling. Sarah and Ashley grab one another by the roots of their hair and yank and pull as they circle each other and eventually, fall to the couch. Their slim bodies slide to the floor, but they never let go of their hairy death grips. Sarah takes Ashley’s back, she slides her long legs around Ashley’s waist and sinks her hooks in. Sarah’s brown panty hose and white high heels are pressing tight into Ashley’s inner thighs. Ashley’s fitted red skirt rides up her hips and the only thing keeping us from seeing her bare crotch is her beige panty hose. The fighters remove their tops and bras revealing their wonderfully perky breasts. With their skirts fully pulled up above their waists and their panty hose on full display, Sarah and Ashley cat ball around the room. They writhe and rub their legs together in a semi-sensual act of competition. The winner puts the loser to sleep by sitting on her in a school girl pin and drowning the her in tits. With big natural breasts blocking all of her oxygen, the loser goes to sleep in an embarrassing, yet arousing fashion. Are you interested in watching a blonde and red head wrestle each other in panty hose and high heels? If they answer is yes, then you have to see this video.