Aubrey Black vs. Goldie Blair

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Ring Catfight Match

DT-1597HD/Time: 22 Minutes / 525 MB


Goldie Blair and Aubrey Black are some big breasted wrestlers in tiny little bikinis. The video barely gets a chance to start before Aubrey takes her top off and shakes her tits for the camera. Goldie will not be out done. She thinks her boobs are bigger and she shows it by pulling her bikini top off and shaking them vigorously for the audience’s pleasure. Aubrey runs at Goldie and smashes her breasts into Goldie’s. Goldie is stuck in the corner getting crushed from the chest up. Goldie grunts with every impact. Finally, she musters up the strength to bear hug Aubrey and pivot in a 180 degree turn that puts Aubrey’s back on the ropes. Goldie holds the rope with both hands and repeatedly slams her massive tits into Aubrey’s perky pink nipples. When Goldie relents, Aubrey crumbles to the mat. Goldie mounts Aubrey with her arms stuck to her sides and breast smothers the now struggling Ms. Black. Aubrey goes unconscious and gives Goldie the first fall of the match. However, when the next round starts Aubrey is champing at the bit for revenge. Will Aubrey’s rage be enough to overpower her bigger and stronger opponent or will Goldie Blair once again bully another girl.