Sarah Brooke vs. Christine Dupree

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Apt. Catfight Match

DT-1596HD/Time: 36 Minutes / 855 MB


Weddings, nothing can be more rewarding and more nerve racking, then add dominant mothers to the mix – this is a volatile combination. When those mothers are Sarah Brooke and Christine Dupree, volatile explodes because we know these babes can explode. We see the ladies as they finish dressing and we hear all the sorted details that lead up to this ultimate confrontation. Ok these details go on a bit but we do get to watch gorgeous ladies working up a battle lather, finally they come face to face in a bedroom where they can exercise all their pent up frustration, anger and hatred. Face to face they rant at each other, spewing the venom that has been pent up through all their encounters. The rage explodes as one punches the other and rips off her party dress off only to get her face punched, both are up and circling as they grunt and snort then pounce with vicious slaps, hits, scratches as the rip and claw at each others bodies, faces, breasts and clothes. This is a back and forth battle as neither woman will back down, long vicious pussy grabs, biting on faces and breasts, breast banging, round house slaps that knock them down and destruction that has bruises and blood covering their sweet faces. And all the time they keep spewing vicious insults that just add fuel to their fiery battle. Now only in their tattered skimpy g-strings, they wear each other down but THEY WILL NOT STOP !!!!!!