Ariel X vs. Lana Violet

HD DOWNLOADABLE Bikini Catfight Match

DT-1488-02/ Time: 28 Minutes / 674 MB

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Lana Violet is a pretty little Asian girl. Her body is slight and delicate. She enters the ring wearing black panties and bra. She takes her time stretching in the ring. She flows through a number of yoga poses and shows off just how limber and supple her body is. As Lana’s routine comes to an end, Ariel X sneaks into the ring. Ariel gets right up behind Lana and begins to caress her caramel skin. They seem to be into each other, until Ariel drops an emotional bomb on Lana. Ariel shows Lana a pair of lace underwear. Lana’s eyes get big, “Those are my panties!” Apparently, Ariel has been hooking up with Lana’s boyfriend. Lana is pissed. She challenges Ariel to a fight. The bell rings and the women grab each other. Ariel’s greater size and strength proves to be too much for Lana. Ariel puts Lana on her stomach and starts twisting up Lana like a pretzel. Lana is helpless to do anything, but yelp and slap the ground in frustration and pain. Ariel is really getting a kick out of this. She laughs and smiles with every new hold and choke she plants on Lana. It doesn’t take long before Lana is tapping out constantly and begging for Ariel to let her go. Ariel has no plans to do anything of the sort. Instead, she puts Lana on all fours, and then puts a leash and collar on Lana. Ariel forces Lana to walk around the ring on her hands and knees like a puppy. At this point, Lana is happy to please her master, Ariel X. Sounds like a happy ending for everyone involved.