Aubrey Black vs. Helena Locke


DT-1487-02/ Time: 25 Minutes / 595 MB


Aubrey Black and Helena Locke are in the ring wearing thigh high black stockings, garter belts, and tiny thong underwear. The fight begins and both women are already topless. Aubrey takes control with a chicken wing that makes Helena wail in pain. Aubrey loves giving Helena frontal wedgies. Just when it looks like Helena has no chance of escaping Aubrey’s powerful grasp, Helena bucks Aubrey off of her. Helena knows exactly how she is going to repay Aubrey. She sits on her face and begins to relentlessly pull on the front of Aubrey’s thong. Aubrey screams until she runs out of breath. She cries out that her underwear is going to rip her in half. Helena laughs hysterically at the thought. Eventually, both women get to their feet, but instead of the common test of strength, they grab one another by the panties. This mutual wedgie contest ends with Aubrey removing Helena’s pink thong. Aubrey shoves the thong in Helena’s face as she uses her long nails to maul Helena’s pretty pink private parts. When Helena finally gets off the mat, she goes at Aubrey like a honey badger. She rips off Aubrey’s black panties and uses them like a rope to apply Indian burns to Aubrey’s crotch. They both keep one upping each other until one of them is completely nude and passed out in the middle of the ring. Can you guess which beauty wins and gets to leave the ring with her clothes and her dignity? Well you will have to watch to find out.