Serene Siren vs. London Rivers

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Ring Wrestling Match

DT-1484-01/ Time: 23 Minutes / 557 MB


Legs, how we love to see them squeeze, to see the muscles flex as they constrict around a sleek feminine waist – well we have four  gorgeous gams ready to constrict and they belong to: Serene Siren and London Rivers.  Each beauty is topless and tells the other she will win, oh yes London is bigger and stronger but Serene tells how fast she is.  But soon the bigger blonde takes control, her beautiful big brown legs wrap around the thin waist of Serene and squeeze to the howls of her suffering.  Roll blonde roll, these sexy babes roll over each other trying to gin control, they so often end up crawling on all fours – like two cats they slink those alluring bodies looking for their time to attack.  Serene now gets her turn to use her lean muscular legs as around London’s head she wraps and constricts, so much fun watching the legs work in the great match.  Soon our robust blonde is back in control and now she works those strong legs around all parts of our sleek blonde, Serene’s butt wiggles with each squeeze, her breasts bounce with each constriction, her groans grow louder with each crush.  Legs and great wrestling by two amazing blondes… FEEL THE SQUEEZE !!!!!!