Hollywood vs. Capri Cavanni

HD DOWNLOADABLE Bikini Ring Wrestling Match

DT-1487-03/ Time: 23 Minutes / 540 MB


Got to love these outfits, Hollywood in her USA bikini and Capri Cavanni in her sparse black bikini with red wrestling boots and red knee pads.  Both look ready to rumble and talk the talk as Hollywood wonders why Capri even showed up but Capri promises things will be different for this one.  High handed insult as Holly puts her hand high challenging Capri to a test of strength knowing Capri can’t reach but eventually both hands clasp and we are off, unfortunately for Capri as Hollywood aplies a killer reverse bearhug showing off Capri’s ample chest.  This is just the beginning, Capri is captured in a plethora of pain filled holds: arm bars, toe holds, camel clutch, double arm pull – time to pose over this beaten beauty… what the hell, Hollywood is on the mat as a red headed assassin poses over her victim’s writhing body.  Sarah Brooke now parters with Capri to destroy poor Hollywood, one holds while the other kicks hard to Holly’s vulnerable center and this isn’t just once but with each excruciating hold they add that Kick.  They destroy Hollywood and leave her writhing on the mat, but it takes a lot to finish this veteran off, yes there is still some life left in her but is it enough to come back against these two gorgeous grapplers?  Wild and wonderful, three is definitely a lucky number !!!!!!