Christina Carter vs.Capri Cavanni

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Domination Squish Match

DT-1491-01/ Time: 23 Minutes / 558 MB


Christina Carter doing what she enjoys best: DOMINATION.  Her victim today is another fan favorite: Capri Cavanni, and everyone just loves seeing Capri dominated.  We open with a topless Christina looking over a topless sleeping Capri and wondering what she is going to do to her next. The  buxom one drags Capri by the hair out of bed and into the next room where she wakes her with a tight body squeeze then has a brilliant idea; let her fans decide what to do with Capri, she goes to her computer for fan advice, oh do they give it!  Soon Capri has a dildo stuffed down her throat as she is being squished, throttled, and destroyed.  On the floor Christina plants her robust ass on capri’s tits, smashing the breast flesh and again thrusts the dildo between her moist lips as she rubs her own large breasts. Then back to the computer for more ideas, she gets more and poor beautiful Capri gets more — so much more !!!!!