Capri Cavanni vs. Milana Ricci

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Catfight/Wrestling Match

DT-1493-02/ Time: 21 Minutes / 515 MB


Two of our most popular babes and what a contrast they provide: Capri Cavanni struts in her corner showing off her classic bubble butt and voluptuous breasts, on the other side we have a body with not an ounce of fat, the sleek firm Milana Ricci.  A contrast but both are amazing beauties that are ready to do battle.  We begin with a strained test of strength that finally forces Milana to the ground where a camel clutch is applied to her beautiful face.  Up again, now Milana takes control as she gets behind Capri with a devastating choke as we are treated to Capri’s shapely legs thrashing about.  Back and forth they go, Capri chokes and scissors, Milana slugs that hard gut when Capri is on her back and in the corner.  And my favorite is another prolonged test of strength from a low angle that looks up at Capri’s great ass and into the hard body of the stunning Milana, or when Capri chokes Milana over the middle rope with her butt to us, and when Milana puts Capri’s sweet face between her standing legs — so many great views! There is something for everyone in this one, great holds and hard slugs by two of our most popular contrasting beauties !!!!!!