Capri Cavanni vs. Karlie Montana

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Ring Wrestling Match

DT-1495-01/ Time: 24 Minutes / 552 MB


Come on, this is butt terrific:  Capri Cavanni and Karlie Montana have two of the best back sides in the business, now this is not supposed to be a butt centered match but when you get this two in the ring it can’t help but be.  Both babes start out topless comparing bodies and telling how they are going to get the best out of five pins and win a massage from the loser.  They run at each other with a collision in the center where Capri surprises Karlie with a body slam, ok it’s not a big slam but it’s enough to get her in control where a camel clutch leads to face sit and what a sit — get ready because when Capri drops that amazing ass on Karlie’s sweet face, only her wide eyes are seen till she is subdued enough for that first pin.  Of course Karlie gets her own throws in along with a great bear hug, over the knee back breaker, Boston crab and all leading to her sustained cross body pin.  This is just two pins and there are so many more… PLUS the massages where these killer bodies get oiled up and rubbed while we get great up close views.  Sumptuous wrestling by amazing beauties who aim to please !!!!!!