Karlie Montana vs Capri Cavanni

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Apt. Lingerie Catfight

DT-1498-02/ Time: 24 Minutes / 579 MB


BUTTCENTRIC, yes and two of the best butts around: Karlie Montana and Capri Cavanni, yes these butts abound! They are both getting ready for the same photo shoot, dressed in short skirts, black stockings, garters and heels — oh wait those are Karlie’s heels that Capri is wearing, this is trouble. A battle breaks out and are we ever treated to some fun action. Karlie rips off Capri’s sexy lingerie bra, then after leading her around the room by her hair decides to teach her a real lesson with a killer wedgie up that robust ass and to top it off she spanks that protruding butt bouncing those beautiful cheeks. Finally Capri recovers and now it’s her turn to rip into this bad girl, off comes Karlie’s top and up goes her skirt so she can return that wedgie and now beat that bulbous butt — make those cheeks dance Capri. Don’t think they’re done, not by a long shot… they go hard at each other, rolling on the floor and couch biting and spanking with sexy stockinged legs intertwined. My favorite is when the heel is pounded into the ass, deep into ass flesh goes that sharp edge, then smack those cheeks some more. Bite those toes, squeeze those breasts but most of all go after those big, bloated, bulbous, bulging bumper butts !!!!!!