Christy Love vs. Kianna Dior

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Squish Domination Match

DT-1494-02/ Time: 33 Minutes / 777 MB

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The sleek Christy Love is having a photo shoot of her feet when an angry Kianna Dior explodes into the room and accuses Ms. Love of giving her husband a foot job.  Christy is by no means apologetic for playing with hubby, which makes Kianna even madder.  So angry was the voluptuous Kianna that she neglected her top thus freeing her buxom boobs, making it perfect when she leaps on the thin one and drops her breasts on Christy’s face.  Breasts smash that pretty face but this is just the beginning as Kianna finds every possible position to squish: body on Christy’s chest, on Christy’s back, on her side… squish from every angle.  But this is still not enough, no now she uses her legs as from all angles she applies pressure to that thin waist, chest and head.  Still we are not done, now she really uses her mammoth chest as she bear hugs poor Christy but not before she strips Christy’s top off, then to the wall where she can bounce her big boobies into Christy’s pert petit breasts, finally throwing her to the floor for more severe breast abuse to both chest and face.  Kianna slaps, pounds and covers sweet Christy with her beautiful mauling mammaries, so is she done… not by a long shot – she has much more rage left in her !!!!!!