Match 1Francesca Le is an evil villain in this video and today she is planning on attacking the beautiful Super Woman, played by Randy Moore. Randy’s perfect hourglass figure and flowing blonde hair makes her the perfect good guy, while Francesca’s smoky exotic look makes her a glorious bad guy. Francesca uses her technology to take Super Woman’s super powers away, leaving her helpless to her attacker’s violent assault. Randy’s outfit is removed to humiliate the once proud super hero. A bloody Randy is strung up with a rope as the evil Francesca pulls out a bull-whip and begins flogging the writhing, topless body of Super Woman. This Super Heroine domination match is naughty, fun, and sexy and should be at the top of your Christmas list.

Match 2Cali Logan is a soul eating bad guy in this video, and today she is trying to eat the souls of the super heroines, Erika Jordan and Hollywood. Cali’s powerful belt gives her enough energy to take on both Erika and Hollywood. One at a time Cali intends to defeat the squeaky clean heroes that stand in from of her. Once Cali devours the souls of her opponents she uses their faces as her very first throne. Watching the evil Cali grind her tight tushie into the faces of her unconscious victims is a very erotic sight. So get ready to watch some gorgeous young ladies fight for their souls while wearing some very tight fitting leotards.

Match 3Kianna Dior and Akira Lane are super heroes looking for refuge from an evil soul eating vixen played by Dianna Knight. As they search for safety they are confronted by the dubious Dianna Knight. The three warriors are transported to the DT ring where they will fight for the future of more souls than just their own. Akira is Kianna’s protector so she gets in the ring first. Akira puts a hurting on Dianna. However, Dianna begins to cackle and quickly turns the tables on Akira. Dianna had been playing possum the whole time and is now ready to show her true power and crush these two super heroines. Dianna’s cruelty is unmatched, She happily slurps up the souls of her fallen foes and laughs as she does so.


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