Ariel X vs. Sarah Brooke

HD DOWNLOADABLE Bikini Catfight Match

DT-1490-03/ Time: 20 Minutes / 484 MB

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This is a best of 5 falls match between two very athletic and strong female fighters. Ariel X and Sarah Brooke are both wearing booty shorts and wrestling shoes. Sarah Brooke is sporting a black sports bra. Her dark red hair is tied up in a ponytail that flips back and forth as she wrestles. Ariel is wearing a bikini top and has a tremendous fire in her eyes. The bell rings and they meet at the center of the ring with a test of strength. Sarah breaks Ariel down and takes side control. Sarah wraps up Ariel in a move so unique and painful that I’m fairly certain there isn’t even a name for it. Ariel is knocked out cold and the first fall goes to Sarah. The bell rings again and Ariel puts Sarah in a bulldog headlock. They fall to the mat and Sarah manages to end up on top. Ariel is a freak athlete. She throws her legs up and grabs Sarah by the torso. Ariel yanks down with her legs and reverses the position. Ariel locks in a darce choke that puts Sarah to sleep. Ariel and Sarah are evenly matched. Their skill, athleticism, and and experience are all put to the test today. One girl will leave with her hand raised, while the other will be slumped over in the turnbuckle, counting sheep. This match is filled with some of the most interesting and unique holds you will ever see. The only two girls capable of executing a match as technically sound as this one are Ariel X and Sarah Brooke. Sit back and enjoy what surely is an instant classic.