London River vs. Ariel X


DT-1493-02/ Time: 20 Minutes / 500 MB

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This violent match features London River and Ariel X. The video begins and both women are already topless. Ariel has London in a front headlock. Ariel and London both have full breasts that ripple as their heavy breathing shakes their chests. London delivers a heavy blow to Ariel’s crotch. The pain radiates up through her stomach until she releases the hold. Ariel crumbles to the mat. London jumps on top of Ariel and smothers her face with her large breasts. These women fight hard and don’t pull punches. There is constant frantic action from both fighters. They throw each other, sweep each other, and mount each other for twenty straight minutes. Ariel delivers devastating gut shots to London’s soft flat tummy. London is nearly crippled. Ariel puts her in a cradle and picks her up. Ariel walks around the ring for a little bit before dropping the blonde beauty’s body. Eventually, London revives herself and takes back control of the fight. She mounts Ariel and grabs Ariel’s brown hair with both hands. With relentless aggression, London smashes the back of Ariel’s head into the stiff blue mat. Blood trickles out of the mouths of both women. The loser is left passed out and topless, while the victor stands over her huffing and puffing with her arms raised in glory. If you want to watch two topless women fight their hardest to grind each other into dust, then this is the video for you.