Christina Carter vs. Cherie DeVille


DT-1494-03/ Time: 32 Minutes / 780 MB

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This video begins mid fight. Both women are already completely naked. Cherie DeVille has Christina Carter draped over her knee in a back breaker while she mauls Christina’s bare crotch. Christina isn’t completely nude, she is wearing her championship belt, but it doesn’t seem like she’ll be wearing that for long. The top of Ms. Carter’s head touches the mat as Cherie uses her right hand to choke Christina’s pretty throat. Christina’s large and pillowy breast flop around as her body twitches. As Christina’s eyes begin to roll into the back of her head, Cherie looks at the camera and explains that she is punishing Christina for being a “dumb fucking cheating slut whore.”  Christina passes out. Cherie plays with Christina’s unconscious body. She lays on her and licks her nipples. When Christina wakes up, Cherie barely gives her a moment before she is choking her with both hands. She lifts Christina up onto her tippy toes as Christina begs to be released. Christina blacks out again and her body goes limp. Cherie pins her and pops her butt up in the air for the camera to get a better view. Cherie has a big beautiful perky ass. Cherie defeats Christina over and over again until she finally takes the battered and defeated woman and ties her up on a king size bed. Cherie has fun kissing, hitting, and fondling her barely conscious victim. If you are interested in watching 2 naked and full breasted brunettes rub their bodies together for 30 minutes, then you should check out this video.