Christina Carter vs. Kianna Dior


DT-1493-01/ Time: 32 Minutes / 761 MB


Christina Carter is pacing back and forth in the ring. She is terrified about her upcoming match with Kianna Dior. Christina knows how strong Kianna is. She knows that Kianna will crush her. Christina bites her nails and talks to herself about the ass kicking that she knows is coming. Christina is wearing a bra, a boxing robe, and her championship belt. She is nude from the waist down. Kianna storms into the ring and gets right in Christina’s face. Kianna is wearing a black bra to cover her large breasts, but she is also bare bellow the waist. Christina tries to make a deal with Kianna. Christina really wants to keep her championship belt and she would rather not get beat down by Kianna. She even goes so far as to offer herself up as a personal slave to Kianna. Ms. Dior is not having it, but she seems interested in making the match a little bit more competitive. She tell Christina that she can have five minutes to try to defeat Kianna before she will start fighting back. Christina puts Kianna in a standing rear naked choke. No matter how hard Christina squeezes, Kianna seems bored and slightly amused. She isn’t threatened in the slightest by Christina’s attacks. Eventually, the five minutes are up. Kianna removes her own bra because things are about to get real. Kianna manhandles Christina and puts her to sleep with a belly down rear naked choke. She then pins Christina with the first of many ten counts. Kianna removes Christina’s top before beginning a marathon of pain on her helpless victim. This one sided destruction match features two big titted beauties in their birthday suits. Enjoy!