Christina Carter vs. Ember Snow

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Squish Match

DT-1498-03/ Time: 45 Minutes / 1.07 G

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Christina Carter just loves to squish girls, she likes them petit, so she loves Asian ladies — she sits on the sofa lamenting the fact she has gone through all the Asian beauties. Surprise, we have another petit beauty in the back room, yes Ember Snow is getting ready for her match. Christina drools at the prospect of another slight body beneath her, she can’t wait and rushes to the back where a surprised Ember is dragged through the warehouse to where Christina will preform her amazing squishing operation. You got to love Ember, she is so cute with her long black hair, supple dark skin, gorgeous face, pert breasts and spunky attitude. Unfortunately most of that spunk is squeezed out of her right away with a stifeling sustained bear hug. Poor Ember is dizzy and wants no more of this but Christina has just begun. Next Christina wants her large breasts on these petite titties, Ember’s top is pulled down and the monster breasts are pressed into these little beauties, such a sweet site as the nipples line up, the breasts flatten with supreme compression. Poor Ember is squished in every possible way: in a cradle, from behind, flat on the floor, against the wall, on the couch. Christina squeezes her head, her butt, her legs… all of her beautiful brown body. Then makes her worship her feet with licking and sucking. Should be all over right, oh no, not by a long shot as it’s to the bedroom where the SQUISH SQUASH goes all the way !!!!!!