Erika Jordan vs. Cherie Deville

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DT-1498-01/ Time: 23 Minutes / 544 MB

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Robes loose upon their sexy bodies, so loose their beautiful breasts plunge out as Erika Jordan and Cherie Deville argue, this verbal jousting turns to breast bumping that becomes so violent their robes are almost blown off. They go to their corners and seductively disrobe and to our delight they are naked under those robes. Time for their tests of womanhood, they must see who is worthy of the man they both want. First they test their female chests, we are treated to a wild breast battle where they slam those amazing breasts together in so many ways: open chested, cupping both breasts, holding one breast with a slam and so many more. Then it’s biting, no – tell me they aren’t going to bite those works of body art, they do and as the teeth sink in so does the PAIN. They each take turns trying to endure the pain of supple chest flesh being gnawed. If that wasn’t bad enough next they attack pussies, each claws deeply into those tender centers. Next it’s nipples that get stretched to their limits, pinched and pulled causing the whole of their naked beauty to shake with pain. Then comes the pussy biting which should be the last but soon they are in to an all out battle using all of these tortures and adding hair pulling, bear hugs, biting everywhere including those fabulous butts, crawling. rolling and so many amazing positions that incorporate all of these wild body attacks. Beautiful bodies pushed to their ultimate limits !!!!!!