Tia Kai vs. Lana Violet


DT-1477-01/ Time: 20 Minutes / 475 MB

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This video is a double helping of oriental goodness. Tia Kai and Lana Violet are two of the most beautiful Asians in the female fighting universe. Tia is wearing an orange bikini. Lana is wearing a purple string bikini. They meet for a test of strength. Lana grabs Tia by the hair and locks her into a full nelson. Tia reverses the hold and drops Lana. She plants a mean body scissors on Lana. With her free hands, Tia pulls Lana’s top off. Lana screams and frantically releases herself from Tia’s hold. Lana mounts Tia and uses her bare tits to breast smother Tia. She then returns the favor and removes Tia’s top. The beautiful, perky Asian tits and caramel colored nipples are easily worth the price of admission. You are going to love watching these gorgeous and exotic young women wrap their legs around each other in a mortal struggle. The match ends with one topless beauty standing over her downed foe, an unconscious nearly nude beauty. The winner has her hands raised in victory and a foot planted firmly on the abdomen of the loser. Go get a back of popcorn for this barnburner of a video.