Lana Violet vs. Skylar Rene

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Domination Match

DT-1461-03  / Time: 23 Minutes / 571 MB


We have so been missing our big dominate babe, Skylar Rene – so let’s bring her back in all her superiority – lift carry and squish. Our sweet topless petit Asian beauty Lana Violet comes bouncing in to greet the prepotent one and is met with a hug, that hug is lasting too long and now closes tighter and tighter as Skylar tells her she knows about Lana and Skylar’s brother. Yes our muscular beauty is angry and sweet Lana is going to feel her rage in oh so many ways, more savage bearhugs both front and back and even picking her off and twirling her around in a constricting hug-go-round. Then over her shoulder goes the petit one, her butt gets spanked, then into the wall she is smashed, to the floor for more, head scissors and squishes galore. So many have been in need of a good Skylar fix and what better than with the gorgeous Lana Violet… hug, lift carry and squish – you have got your wish !!!!!!