Lana Violet vs. POV


DT-1475-03/ Time: 19 Minutes / 449 MB

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Lana Violet is one gorgeous lady, boy would it be fun to wrestle her but…  wait there is a way to almost wrestle her, yes feel like you are in the ring with this P.O.V. match.  Most of the time you will feel like you are right there in the ring with this gorgeous Asian delight.  Begin as she is right in your face telling how you can’t handle her, how she is going to destroy you, then you lock up and get face to face as you finally take her down and wrap your hands around her feminine neck.  Most of this is up close and POV but sometimes it magically breaks to third person for better views as an intruder seems to help.  Let’s face it spunky Lana looks great even when she is stomping on you, or beating your gut in the corner.  And she shows her wild side when her top comes off, but don’t think shaking those sexy tits in our face is going make us go easy, no we are going even stronger as we curl her up in a tight matchbook, then a choke stretching Lana over the top rope.  But Lana comes back strong beating us in so many ways that…  it’s a wild match where we get up so close and personal that you are there — each hit hurts and with every choke we can feel the hot breath of this gorgeous wild beauty !!!!!!