Capri Cavanni vs. Skylar Ren

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Catfight Match

DT-1466-02/ Time: 29 Minutes / 696 MB


Skylar Rene needs Capri Cavanni to sign her divorce papers so that Skylar can finally marry Capri’s ex. Skylar enters the room with a friendly smile and “hello.” Capri is on the couch looking at her phone. When she sees Skylar she rolls her eyes saying, “ ugh what do you want?” Skylar, still sweet, asks Capri to sign the divorce papers. Capri tells her that she’s “too busy,” and gets up to walk away. This makes Skylar angry, she shows Capri her muscles and tells her that she is “stronger and prettier” than Capri and that’s why Dan left Capri for her. Capri ignores this and keeps walking away. Skylar grabs Capri by the neck and throws her back onto the couch. Skylar sits on top of Capri. She uses her big muscular ass to bounce up and down and crush Capri’s tummy. When Skylar gets bored, she switches to a schoolgirl pin and crushes Capri’s chest. Capri cries out that she “can’t breathe.” Skylar laughs and explains, “I know, that’s why I’m doing this.” Skylar even rolls Capri up into a ball and crushes her abs. Finally, Capri agrees to sign the papers. She signs with a smirk and when Skylar sees that Capri only wrote, “Skylar’s a bitch” rather than actually signing, she flies into a rage. She rips off Capri’s top as well as her own. Skylar continues the crushing and squeezing punishment until Capri is worshiping her and willing to do whatever she wants.