Christina Carter vs. Karlie Montana

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Ring Jeans Match

DT-1481-03/ Time: 19 Minutes / 459 MB


Oh we have all been there: beautiful woman in tight jeans, she walks by – her amazing ass is outlined by the tight denim, her butt cheeks hypnotize with their sway — come on, you’ve been there!  Well, welcome back and in a huge way because those butts are on a pedestal in this match, and what butts they are; Christina Carter and Karlie Montana, these babes can fill out some jeans.  These two wrestle in jeans and the only thing better than tight jeans is butt cracks in tight denims and we get lots of crack in this match: as they crawl, in scissors, bent over the ropes, and the jeans get a lot of help as each lady pulls down to give us full crack view.  Then spank that ass crack, lick your finger and shove it down there, each takes her turn in control so we get to see both robust butts. Oh they don’t forget their beautiful breasts, they free them so they can bounce and flow while back sides are blasted. One wins and takes her victim to another room for a super spanking – then both butts are caressed and massaged as both beauties show off those cracks – watch out this crack is really addictive !!!!!!