Christina vs. Jewell

Time/Size: 21 min / 508 MB

Big girl topless boxing, you know you’re going to love it, especially when these are two of the best of our big busted beauties; Jewell Marceau and Christina Carter, oh do these two go at it — some girls really do get better with age and when you see these two rumble you will know what I mean, hard shots to the head and body, blows that really make those big tits shimmer and shake. Both are so cocky they can’t help but talk to the camera as both are fighting to please the same guy, and I guarantee you he is pleased, I know I was because watching these two in action is a real treat – hell even between the rounds is a joy as we get to see their tired bodies drenched with water as they tell us what they are going to do next. Both babes go down many times but always back up for more great fisticuffs, they get tired but that only gives us some great clinching as they smash their sweaty breasts together until they regain enough energy for more intense pounding, and I do mean intense because the wetter they get the harder the blows. They hold and pound, in the corner they pound and in the center of the ring they pound until one of these voluptuous beauties is made to worship her victorious opponent !!!!!!

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