Capri vs.Erika

Time/Size: 33 min / 793 MB

Erika Jordan is wearing a black spaghetti strap and cut off jean shorts. Capri Cavanni is wearing work out clothes. Erika sneaks up on Capri and grabs big handfuls of her large bosoms. Capri drops to her knees. Kneeling behind Capri, Erika breast and crotch mauls the terrified Capri. Erika begins to remove Capri’s work out clothes. Slowly, this reveals that Capri is wearing beautiful blue lace lingerie. In between pinching Capri’s nipples and kneeing her in the crotch, Erika starts to peel the lingerie off of Capri. Erika gets Capri stripped down to a tiny G-string and starts getting bored of having nothing else to unwrap. She drags Capri to the changing room and picks out a new outfit to dress Capri in. Once the women are back in the ring, Erika takes a moment to admire Capri’s flawless body in the black lace cat suit that Erika put her in. Then, with glee, Erika begins to rip away the sleeves and legs from the body suit. This takes some time, but eventually Capri is stripped back down to nothing but a small piece of thong underwear. The third, and last outfit is a pink corset and thigh high black stockings. Erika ties Capri’s hands up over her head before removing the corset and continuously kneeing Capri in the crotch. Erika ends the match by covering Capri in baby oil and punishing Capri’s stunning body one last time.

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