Sinn vs. Odette


Time/Size: 19 min / 467 MB

Odette Delacroix is a petite little blonde. Her dainty frame is wrapped up in a leopard print bikini. She is prancing around the ring when Sinn Sage comes strolling in. Sinn has a hardy laugh at her smaller opponent. Sinn is confident that her superior strength and sturdy rear end will crush Odette. The fight begins with Odette removing her bikini so she is completely nude. Odette then uses her bikini to choke Sinn. Sinn is caught completely off guard. Odette cackles with laughter as she manhandles her larger foe. Odette removes Sinn’s bikini top and then smiles confidently. Sinn musters up some energy to fight back. She attacks Odette’s bare crotch. With Odette laid out on the mat, Sinn stomps down hard on Odette’s soft groin. Sinn then uses Odette’s own bikini to tie her up. She makes sure to use her immensely powerful buttocks to smother Odette’s small blonde head. In this pulse pounding match, Sinn goes from rolling her eyes to having her eyes roll into the back of her head. Who will win, the undersized underdog or the powerful amazon?

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