Darci vs. Sinn

Time/Size: 20 min / 519 MB

Porn star jobber, porn star jobber, this is what Darci Dolce yells to Sinn Sage, is she crazy Sinn is way bigger and has so much more experience but according to Darcie Sinn is just a jobber. Needless to say Sinn is outraged and demands a fight only to be taunted by the topples brunette. In the ring Sinn takes off her heels and a fight begins, she’ll show her as she challenges her with a test of strength – should be no contest but somehow the spunky Darci works Sinn to her knees and then really hears it from the super cutie until finally Sinn attack with a choke but a good kick gets Darci back in control and this time she is really going to make buttsy babe pay for it — kicks, slugs chokes and one of the best face sits ever, yes she plants that sweet ass deep into Sinn’s cute face and holds, her crack folds around Sinn’s face cheeks — cheek to cheek the butt and the face and so deep. Super figure four leg chokes have poor Sinn choking but then users her feet and amazing breasts to smother poor Sinn. If this wasn’t enough she finds so many more ways to embarrass and humiliate poor Sinn — we had no idea Darci could take on such a veteran or as Darcie would say; JOBBER !!!!!!!!

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