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Match 1Akira Lane and Cali Logan are as adorable as fighters come. They have perky little bodies and personalities that match. The bikinis are slowly pulled away during combat. Akira and Cali’s perfect bubbly tits are on full display for the world to see while they maim and abuse each other’s flawless bodies. Their long brunette hair flies wildly with each punch and squeeze. One thing is for sure, these girls are so cute that you will be watching this match for years to come. When you fall in love with this video, remember that DT has thousands of other matches waiting for you. As much as you may never want to watch another video again, please stay open minded.

Match 2Erika Jordan and Miko Sinz are petite, but filled with enough moxie to take down a heavy weight. The girls’ grit is on full display in this down and dirty catfight. Miko plants her foot into Erika’s back for a horrific looking standing surfboard. Remarkably, Erika’s arms did not break. In fact, she was able to apply the same surfboard on Miko soon afterwards. You are definitely getting your moneys worth with this knock down drag out wrestling match. They may look like they could snap like a twig, but these nubile performers are as tough as coffin nails. Make sure you don’t miss out on this epic crowd pleaser.

Match 3 -It’s a full moon tonight at Double Trouble studios. Randy Moore and Sinn Sage have two of the roundest rumps to ever be slammed onto the DT mat. The big booties in this match are jiggled, smashed, and put on full view for the public. Who will you root for: the brunette has a bigger butt, but the blonde has bigger tits… truly a timeless conundrum. If you consider yourself a connoisseur of bottoms then you would be a fool to pass on this masterpiece of thighs and glutes. Remember, your friends and family may wither and die, but this video of Randy and Sinn’s butts will last forever.


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