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Match 1 -Don’t get Samantha Ryan mad, damn, that girl has a temper and Angelique is the recipient of her rage. Sam is angry because the big brunette is in her dressing room, she slams poor Angelique into the wall and proceeds to grab at her crotch and breasts, poor Angelique can’t understand why she is so angry. Soon Samantha is dragging her by the hair to the ring where she proceeds to destroy the poor unsuspecting newcomer. Sam is sitting on her foe’s face, her short school girl skirt rides up her beautiful ass as she fits it firmly on Angelique’s face and our busty brunette finds her short skirt riding high up her curvy hips. Soon those ample supple breasts are being squeezed, Sammy doesn’t just squeeze, no, she grabs tight on the tender nipples and pulls till she is stretching Angelique’s beautiful breasts way beyond where they should go. Now she drags her to the ropes and cracks her on the jaw knocking the big brunette to the canvas where we get a good look at her voluptuous body, this beauty is full of curves, her full figure writhes in pain. Now Sam goes to work stripping her naked so she can complete her destruction with grape vines, breast destruction and ending with sexual humiliation that culminates with a forced orgasm – harder and harder she rubs Angelique’s vulnerable crotch till she explodes in orgasmic delight filled humiliation !!!!!

Match 2Mai Mao is becoming one of our most popular girls and if you’ve seen her you know why – this Asian is not only gorgeous with a super body but she puts on a great show and loves to fight. Well she better because she is up against one of the best; Sinn Sage. Again we need to thank our friends over at Xtremefemalefighting.com for finding Mia Mao and they will be releasing a fabulous threesome with her soon. This is a tiger gang match, one of the tiger series, and if you have not seen one yet get ready for lots of wild action sprinkled with fun sex. This time we have the white tiger gang against the red tigers. Sinn in her full bottoms and Mai in her string bottoms but soon wild Mai has that full bottoms off, Sinn is nude and being destroyed; a face sit, camel clutch, breast bites and finally she goes for the killer bite as her teeth rip into Sinn’s tender pussy. But we all know Sinn is too tough to be dominated the whole fight and when she gets her turn she immediately strips the Asian, and oh does she make her pay for the humiliation she caused, all of her moves are even more intense than Mai’s, the face sits are worse as Sinn plants her beautiful ample ass on Mai’s gorgeous face, her crotch is rubbed harder – more degradation as she gives her a dog walk and an over the couch spanking and she has so, so much more. Can Mai come back? These Tiger matches are the best and with Sinn and Mai you will know why everyone wants more of these and there are a lot more to come !!!!!

Match 3Amirah and Candy, more great Euro girls, and you know how we love these Euro girls. Both girls start naked and the bronze skinned Amirah with her heavy sexy accent tells us how she is going to kick some ass, Candy shows us her firm ass and the dark one says yes, that’s the ass she’s going to kick, we know we are in for a real treat. They stretch their young perfect bodies in unison and then come out fighting, both girls go for gut slugs but it’s when they lock up and both asses turn toward the camera that we are treated to this fabulous contrast, ivory white and bronze asses, both beautiful but so contrasting. And when these two call each other bitch it’s heaven, that accent makes bitch sound so much better, it’s a whole different word spoken by these beauties. Gut slugs and kicks completed we move to some killer holds; bow and arrow, body scissors, leg spreader, figure four leg lock and a super sexy grapevine, and remember all of these are applied nude as these wonder kin start out sans clothes. Each girl gets a chance to put on the holds so you will see both fabulous young bodies stretched and mauled. We love our Euro girls and so will you when you give them a chance – they love to kick ass and they love to do it naked !!!!!


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