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Match 1 – Nicole Oring and Mia Li are in the DT gym when Mia asks Nicole if she is “THE Nicole Oring?” Nicole is slightly flattered at first. However, it isn’t very long before Mia starts saying things like, “Wow I can’t believe you are still staying active, good for you.” Nicole immediately picks up on the condescending and ageist remarks. Pissed off, she explains to Mia that she is “still the DT champion” and that they should box. A bubbly Mia agrees with a flip of the hair, a giggle, and a bright smile. The Asian pugilists meet in the DT ring wearing sports bras and bicycle shorts. The women give everything they have in that ring. They swing for the fences and they are relentless in their punch count. With every landed blow Mia takes a verbal jab at Nicole’s age. Powered by pure rage, Nicole answers every one of Mia’s shots. The women go back and forth, knocking each other out, and then posing on top of their fallen opponent. Luckily for us this is a multi-fall match. By the end, the fighters are sweaty and bruised… and still talking shit to each other.

Match 2 – Terra Mizu and Karlie Montana are a duo of super heroines in search of an evil nemesis. When Terra is looking in the other room, the spirit of their arch enemy enters Karlie’s body and takes control of it. A now evil Karlie finds Terra in the ring and surprise attacks the clueless goodie two shoes. Karlie straps Terra’s arms behind the ropes and begins a non-stop barrage of slugs to Terra’s soft tummy and tits. The possessed Karlie pulls her teammate’s plump titties out of her costume. Whoever took control over Karlie’s body seems to be very turned on by groping, slapping, and punching Terra’s large breasts. Karlie then begins a wonderful over the knee spanking session. Lifting Terra’s skimpy pleated skirt to obtain a more painful skin on skin contact is terrible for Terra, but wonderful for the audience. When Terra’s body can take no more, the spirit switches bodies and then begins to unleash the same kind of sensual punishment upon a dazed Karlie. This match is more fun than I can explain, just watch and you will see what I mean.

Match 3 – Boxing babes at their best, that’s what we get with Keri Spectrum and Erika Jordan, both of these ladies are fabulous boxers and out to prove it. Hair pulled back in pony tails and wearing those tight sexy sport bras they are ready to battle, and battle they do – super hard gut blows and knock down head shots. Erika draws first blood, knocking down the east coaster but both girls are happy to get back to their stools, take out their mouth guards and get a good drink and a cooling sponge soaking, they earn their breaks because these two give it their all. Finally Keri fights back putting Erika on her butt for the count but she gets up only to find herself in the corner for more pounding. Back and forth they pound, till finally they get to rest their bruised bodies on their stools for another sexy soaking. Tired they start to clinch, neither lady can take much more but neither lady will quit, it’s going to take a real beating to put one of these warriors down and it’s a real beating we get for both of them… a wild surprise ending !!!!!


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