Match 1 -So you like Taylor Vixen – you want to see more of Taylor Vixen, you want to see all of Taylor Vixen up close and personal – that’s what we have for you! She makes the mistake of entering the ring with Afrika and then to make matters worse she kicks her with a low blow to start the match – she has made the black warrior mad and that’s not healthy. Soon all of Taylor’s pretty lingerie is stripped from her and she finds herself nude and running for her life, but Afrika always catches the voluptuous brunette. But it’s what she does with her when she catches her, she isn’t just content to put her in painful holds, no she want to humiliate her so she puts her in holds that stretch her crotch to the breaking point. Every possible angle she can contrive: on her back legs split apart, scissors with one leg pulled wide, head down butt up and legs split, legs spread over the turnbuckle and split to the breaking point, on her shoulder and so so many more all with one thing in common— all meant to split the sexy Taylor in half — how much pain can one naked beauty take?!?!?!?

Match 2 -Three nude super heroines, how could it get better? It only gets better if the three girls are; Tylene Buck, Akira Lane and Diana Knight, it seems Diana and Akira want revenge on Super Babe and have devised a plan with some new powers. Super Babe shows up in her flashy gold outfit and is greeted by the sexy mean one, Diana, – the brunette swings but the super one is too fast, but wait when Diana grabs her by the crotch something happens, soon Saphire shows up and her new powers work with the evil one. Super Babe is so weak they can do as they wish with her and destruction is what they wish, but first they strip her super outfit off, all but boots and belt. Now it’s two on one destruction, they take turns beating the blonde’s super body till there seems to be nothing left — but remember this is Super Babe and she finds a way to come back. Soon Akira’s beautiful Asian body is sans clothes and next comes sexy Diana, now they are all naked and fighting for their lives, it’s a fabulous back and forth battle — and with three nude super heroines, how could it get any better?!?!?!?

Match 3Nicole Oring shows up as Goldie Blair is in the dressing room taking her clothes off, Nicole is angry at her for beating up Akira but Goldie just makes fun of Akira’s body then taunts Nicole for all her tattoos, Our Asian beauty is now furious and says she’ll fight Goldie nude and right now. Soon they are both in the ring nude except for the boxing gloves, fiery Nicole attacks with a vengeance, her anger sustains her as she wildly attacks Goldie, it’s a super slug fest beginning but then Goldie gets on her bicycle and stays away form the angry one, her beautiful large breast bounce wildly as Goldie prances backwards and this just makes the sleek Asian madder, she chases harder and soon is getting tired. You guessed it now Goldie takes over and it’s a real pounding – heavy slugs to the gut and face – down goes Nicole, down goes Nicole! If only she wasn’t so tough but down goes Nicole! Eventually we are on the the mat where devastating holds are applied: body scissors, head scissors, match book, face sit — destruction till she just can’t take anymore. Two fabulous naked warriors, boxing and wrestling, giving all and showing all !!!!!


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