Serene Siren vs. Milana Ricci

HD DOWNLOADABLE Chest and Crotch Attack Match

DT 1482-01/ Time: 22 Minutes / 505 MB


Sometimes clothes are sexier than nude, this is one of those cases as Serene Siren has on the sexiest one pieces I have ever seen, it’s see through, showing off her beautiful breasts and then rides up high showing off her perfect ass and her opponent; Milana Ricci also has on a one piece that shows off her sleek ass and both babes have on high wrestling boots that accentuate their sleek legs.  They face off and we see they are both the same height and both sexy lean, then comes the challenge: who has the toughest pussy – only one way to find out as Milana grabs hard on that tender center and drives the blonde into the corner, the harder she squeezes the more Serene grits her teeth, Milana’s beautiful butt strains as she applies the pressure till finally Serene can take no more. Now it’s Serene’s turn to torture, and the dimple in her ass is so accentuated as she pinches pussy, Milana groans as she endures till she can take no more.  On and on this goes as each takes her turn and we are treated to some amazing struggles, now this would be enough to be a great match but it goes one step more: chest blasts, yes, each babe smashes her foe with severe chest blasts, who can take the most pain…  each slap gets harder and harder as each babe takes her turn in the torment corner.  A lot in one match so get ready for more and more… !!!!!!