Star 9 vs. Milana Ricci

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nylons Topless Catfight Match

DT-1485-03/ Time: 22 Minutes / 512 MB

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What is there about nylons that we all love so much, feminine legs in tight nylons and heels has always been an ultimate and then when they fight in short skirts that accentuate the legs it’s just too much.  Two of our sexiest: Star 9 and Milana Ricci square off and tell how they are going to destroy each other, which leads to hands digging deep into heads of hair as they toss each other around the room.  Finally one throws the other on the couch then to the floor, still pulling on the hair Milana mounts Star and from above we  see her skirt ride to her waist exposing her sexy ass, her crack so visible through the nylons as her cheeks strain to control.  Their sexy legs intertwine as now Star rolls on top – back and forth with sexy catballing as we get down and close with them.  Next they rip off their tops and go after their sweet natural breasts, from behind, face to face, on the top — all positions are employed to attack their beautiful chests and of course those short skits are now riding high offering us fabulous views.  It’s a back and forth battle till one finally is able to tit smother her opponent.  We so love these nylon cat fights and this is one of the best !!!!!!