Lana Violet vs. Skylar Rene

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Apartment Match

DT-1486-03/ Time: 32 Minutes / 776 MB


Lana Violet and Skylar Rene are new roommates. They are lounging in their apartment’s living room. These girls are very comfortable with their bodies. They are topless, in fact, they are only wearing their panties. Lana is a very petite Asian girl. She is admiring how tall and strong Skylar is compared to her. They stand next to each other and note how Skylar is more than half a foot taller. Skylar has a twinkle in her eye. She suggests they have a little play wrestling bout. Lana is unsure about the whole thing. However, Skylar convinces her when she claims it will be a good workout and bonding experience for the two of them. They grab each other, but Lana is still uncomfortable with the experience. Skylar is bored with Lana’s halfhearted grappling. She picks up Lana and throws her over her shoulder. Lana yells that she is “too high up.” Skylar laughs and spins as she reaches up and spanks Lana’s tight brown butt. Lana realizes quickly that this is no longer a fun little bonding experience. She yells louder for Skylar to put her down. At first, Skylar ignores the request, but then she agrees. Lana is happy to be back on solid ground, but Skylar has other ideas. Skylar puts Lana down on her lap for a violent spanking session. Lana kicks like a mule as she realizes that Skylar is not listening to her. Skylar puts Lana between her legs and squeezes on both sides of Lana’s small head. Lana is slowly have the energy squeezed out of her. If you want to see a tall brunet over power a tiny Asian until she is willing to lick and worship whatever her new master wants her to, then you need to watch this video.