Misty Stone vs. Milana Ricci

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Bear Hug Match

DT-1496-03/ Time: 21 Minutes / 481 MB


Come on give me a hug.  Oh and what a hug, Misty Stone is topless and eager to work over a topless Milana Ricci, when she does she shows the the thin beauty just how strong she is.  You got to see these bear hugs, they are air depriving and have Milana kicking wildly to escape, her lean shapely legs are off the ground swinging to a tortuous rhythm.  Misty then drops her like a sack of potatoes and adds more pain with a kick or butt spank.  On some hugs Milana wraps her sexy legs around Misty in a vain attempt to get relief, but Misty just slams her body into the ropes or corner where she can add more body to body pressure.  Some great shots from overhead as Milana tries to push away from Misty while being constricted at the waist, their nipples are hard from exertion, then Misty pulls her close smashing their pert breasts together.  Even on the canvas misty applies smothering bearhugs as she rolls the sleek one over the mat, then watches that sweet butt crawl away only to be again picked up, this time she does a reverse bear hug allowing us a super view of Milana’s struggle. Milana is so sexy as her body is held so tight, every part of her sleek body feels the hug.  If you have not liked bear hugs before you are going to lean to love them in this huggable match —— it’s not barely great, it’s BEARLY GREAT!!!!!!