Christina Carter vs London River

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Boxing Ring Match

DT-1497-03/ Time: 19 Minutes / 452 MB


This kickboxing match features a beautiful buxom brunette, Christina Carter, facing off against a bronzed blonde bombshell, London River. The video starts with the girls stretching in their corners. Their legs are up on the top rope, showing off how flexible they are. Both women are wearing kickboxing shorts and boxing gloves. Their long locks of feathered hair frame the two large sets of full and perky breasts. Christina and London bounce up and down, moving from one foot to another, as boxers do. Their supple breasts jiggle with each shift of weight. They meet at the center of the ring and their big boobs squeeze together. The bell rings and Christina sends a barrage of gut punches to London’s tight midsection. She backs up into the ropes. Christina ends the combo with a strong kick to the tummy. She leans back and jams the bottom of her foot into London’s face. Christina forces London to lick the foot. London’s plump lips open and her soft pink tongue starts to lick up and down the bottom of the dirty foot. Eventually, London knocks Christina down with a tight knee to the solar plexus. London uses her toes to pinch and pull at Christina’s nipples. Christina gets back to her feet, but London isn’t done attacking her giant rack. London uses multiple left and right hooks to punch Christina’s big tits. After about 15 minutes, the fight devolves into an erotic licking and sucking session. Both women lick on each others breasts and then scissor one another while they suck each other’s toes. This play time ends in some competitive tribbing, where one girl out-scissors the other and stands over her panting victim, arms raised in victory.