Christina Carter vs. Cherie DeVille


DT-1517HD/ Time: 20 Minutes / 462 MB


Christina Carter is in the back room getting undressed after a long training session when Cherie DeVille slinks into the room. Cherie has a wicked smile on her face as she eyes Christina’s buxom body. Cherie stands right behind Christina and caresses her wonderful curves. Christina is alarmed and then offended that someone would molest her so brazenly. Cherie doesn’t even bat an eye. She smiles and continues to enjoy Christina’s body. Cherie tells Christina how sexy she is and how much she wants to get her out in the ring for a boxing match. Christina is scared, but has to accept to defend her honor. The women now stand in the ring topless and wearing boxing gloves. Cherie, with a giant smile, tells Christina that she is going to ride her face after she kicks her ass. The bell rings and these girls start slugging each other. Much of the match is shot from either the pugilist’s point of view or from right over their shoulder. This really allows you to feel the power of the punches in a very up close and personal sort of way. If you want to see two big breasted brunette’s punch each other in the face for nearly twenty minutes, then this video will quench your thirst.