Sarah Brooke vs. London River

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Apartment Catfight Match

DT-1524HD/ Time: 21 Minutes / 511 MB


London River is excited to go out drinking with her friends tonight. Her roommate Sarah hears London talking on the phone with her friends and making plans. Sarah goes into the living room to inform London that she has to work a long shift and that London will have to be quiet when she gets back from the bars later. A few hours later we see that London is coming back from bar hopping and that she is completely wasted. She can’t find her bedroom, so she takes her top off, jumps in Sarah’s bed, and quickly falls asleep. A few minutes later, Sarah comes home from a 12 hour shift. She strips down to her panties and hops in bed. Sarah screams when she realizes her inconsiderate roommate is sleeping next to her in bed topless. Sarah yells and shakes London, but the drunken party girl is barely waking up. Sarah grabs a leather belt and starts spanking the sleepy blonde bimbo. Still, London barely moves. Sarah begins a long and fruitless search to see what will work to get London out of her bed. She scratches London’s abdomen, and bites her nipples, and knees her in the ribs. The most London reacts is a few moans and some sleepy repositioning. Sarah eventually humps London’s booty and ends the entire ordeal by dragging London into the living room, tying her up and writing “party thot” on her stomach… and still, London sleeps through it all.