Capri Cavanni vs. Star 9


DT-1527HD/ Time: 19 Minutes / 473 MB


Capri Cavanni and Star 9 are facing off today in some neon bikinis that won’t be staying on for very long. Capri has a bright pink bikini with little holes cut out around the sides of her breasts and crotch. The flimsy material barely covers Capri’s nipples or pubic region. Star 9 is wearing a neon turquoise bikini that fits her slim frame perfectly. The match starts with a test of strength that Star 9 effortlessly turns into a double chicken wing. Star smashes Capri’s pretty face into the mat. Capri is helpless to defend her face and has to eat a mouthful of canvas with her ass high up in the air. Capri looks to be out for good, but miraculously she rebounds and takes control of Star. She mounts the daintier girl and locks in a grape vine. Capri’s perfectly meaty ass is a work of art as she arches her body for the camera. Capri removes Star’s top to show the camera her perky handfuls of tits. Don’t worry, Star returns the favor and exposes Capri’s big knockers for your viewing pleasure. This match features two ferocious fighters that are just as hot as they are mean.